RR Marki has passed the 3rd of December 2022, shortly after we had launched our publication at Helmhaus. The collective was in a state of mourning and withdrew from the lime lights. RR Marki was an activist with artistic claims and a vision. We worked and worked and worked together. What we created is a collective project, a translation of the actual transnational Romani reality in Switzerland into artistic projects. We could relay on a network of transnational allies, curators, artists and theoreticians. We are very grateful having had the chance to work with RR Marki all these years. May he live on in the hearts and the minds of the art world and of his loved ones. R. I. P. RR Marki

RJSaK is a relational artistic platform with a political impact in the art world in Switzerland and beyond. We are very grateful for all the the support we rot during the passed 10 years from family, Friends, private allies, NGO’s and institutions. The recent show at Kai Dikhas Foundation in Berlin

DETOX SWITZERLAND DETOX EUROPE, 10 Jahre Roma Jam Session art Kollektiv

was built up in honour of RR Marki and the collective.

RJSaK is now in a morphing and healing state. Sas kaj sas!