OPEN THEORY LECTURES – International Symposium 2016

Open Theory Lectures explored how artists, curators and theoreticians work with Roma art, what their aesthetic priorities are, how they design their projects, and what initiatives, archives and network structures they create. This raises the important question of how they deal with the contradiction in the arts that call themselves global and how they take into account the fact that art continues to produce national portraits of artists and create national pavilions as exhibition spaces for artworks.
So what does this mean for the Romni artist? Are concepts of origin and national belonging relevant to transnational Roma?
Which concepts would be meaningful for transnational contemporary life and work?
Has the situation of the Roma – as a minority without state borders – changed in a globalized art world where the majority operates transnationally?
How do the Roma position themselves in the transnational circuits of ideas, images, objects and people?

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