Open Theory Lectures – OTL

Symposium with Artists, Curators and Theoreticians from Skopje, Vienna, Budapest and Berlin are exchanging their experiences on the subject of visibilisation of Roma Contemporary European and Swiss art societies

Shedhalle Zurich, 3rd of September 201614184302_1105297686228617_4601173676649787934_n
The symposium Open Theory Lectures is dedicated to multiple perspectives on the visibility / invisibility of Roma in society.

When artists, curators and theorists refer to the art of Roma, it is necessary to ask what aesthetic priorities they set, what initiatives, archives and network structures they create with their work, and how, last but not least, they take into account the fact that art continues to exist produces national portraits of artists and creates national pavilions as exhibition spaces for works of art.
What does this mean for the Roma artist / artist?
Are concepts of origin and nationality relevant to the transnational Roma? Has the situation of Roma as a transnational minority changed? How do Roma artists position themselves in the cross-border cycles of ideas, images, objects and people?
With the symposium the Roma Jam Session Art Collective (RJSaK) concludes its three-part project Detox Dance Performance / Parallel Event at Donate To Curate and 1 Roma Manifesto, poster campaign in urban space and in the Shedhalle.

lange_nacht_2016_digital, Shedhalle Zurich

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