Estetika Walk denotes “Becoming Minority / Becoming Roma”
RJSaK was working onthe concept of Liquid Identities

The performance was conceived for a catwalk and exhibited to an art audience at Johann Jacobs Museum in Zurich 2016. Estetika Walk presents fashion for fluid identities and intends to use them to mobilize transformative forces in pursuit of “Becoming Minority – Becoming Roma”. It responds to the fossilized images of Roma in Switzerland and European societies through a multiplicity of incarnations. For Estetika Walk we made fragile wearable art objects from printed media such as newspapers, magazines and posters. 10 young models, for whom our pieces were designed and realized, went over the catwalk while Eva Marking – Mihok played music. In performance, we transformied print media to designed high Fashion clothes, shifting the original function and meaning of the material and inversen the dicriminatory Intention of the negative articles into a creation for the discriminated Body to empower. So self-representation in Estetika Walk, which is absent in the media, is re-embodied and made visible. To become liquid is the model of resilience. It stands for the recognition of the Roma subtext that runs through all layers of society.

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