Morphing Portraits 2014 – 16

An attack by masked artists* on a Zurich offspace. The scene is garishly illuminated by two car headlights that stop just outside the shop window. In addition, a furious track of the Urban Dance Squad of loud boxes. The surroundings startle. The white walls are fully sprayed, and “on the catwalk of glam” large areas of the walls and floor are covered. “Glam” stands for the institutions of cultural knowledge, for galleries, libraries, archives and museums. The intervention is understood as hacking the code inscribed in the glam. A furious rebellion of a Roma activism that is to be understood as deeply connected with other minority struggles. The collective acts and intervenes in the art field from a position in the middle of it; it is about nothing less than transformation, about rewriting the white cube. (excerpt of the full text Morphing Portraits by Michael F. Grieder in Morphing The Roma Label, publication launched previously end of 2020).

Performance at the Launch of the publication ” The Air Will Not Deny You – Zurich in the sign of a different globality” curated by Daniel Kurjacovic at Johann Jacobs Museum, June 2016

Decolonization is in one way or another always a “phenomenon of violence,” writes the physician Frantz Fanon shortly before his death. The minimal demand of the colonized is the tabula rasa, a “fundamentally changed social panorama”. Fanon speaks of the colonized as a world divided in two, whose boundaries are shown, for example, in police stations. The parallels to antiziganist policies in Europe are not self-explanatory, but they are impressive enough. In taking up Silvia Federici’s thoughts, one must also speak of colonization within the centuries of European expansion, which on the one hand took shape as a “war against women” and on the other hand was directed against several minorities. (Excerpt of the full text written by Michael F. Grieder in the publication Morphing The Roma Label 2020).

Performance and following Discussion on forms of artistic and social de-colonial interventions with invited guests curated by RJSaK & Stefan Wagner at Corner College, December 2014

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