Morphing The Roma Label (Publication Project)


With digital networking and the migration-induced mixing of the global society our presence – the Roma phenomenon in Europe and especially in our case in the Swiss society – being rethought. The projects and events of the collective represent the Roma – characteristics of transnationality, often presented as an obstacle, or dual affiliation (to the state and the global Roma community) in a contemporary context in which these characteristics are evaluated as quality. The lively debate in the field of art and society we reflect in decolonial discourses and performative projects. Processes of un-learning take place both in rehearsals for the performative interventions
as well as in the public performances themselves, where the shared experience is seen as a new social tools can be taken along. In the works of the collective, the audience becomes part of a performance by being invited
becomes, through a minimal shift in space or in the way of acting, a collective social body. In every work this creates the possibility for a new connection of the Roma – Image

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