Publication Duniya & Kupini / World & Network / RJSaK Interventions

The phenomenon of the presence of our Roma cosmopolitan minorities must also be reconsidered by means of digital networking and the migration – induced intermixing of global society. The projects and events of the collective represent the Roma characteristics of transnationality (States and “Roma Nation”), which are often portrayed as an obstacle, into a contemporary context in which the same characteristics are regarded as quality. The lively postcolonial debate in art has also strongly influenced this discussion in recent years. With our collective work we are aiming at a new linkage of the Roma image in this sense, and we hope to contribute to the decolonization of art history.

The artistic concern of RJSaK is expressed in the title of our performance Roma Dada Avantgarde Estetika. It means the infrastructure and creative transformation of the existing Roma image – as a cultural image, a newspaper, a police image, but also the missing image of the Sans Papiers – or the absence of the Roma in the archives.
Our performative work is aimed at liquefying all ideas, including the positively occupying figure for freedom, independency – for the Bohème – to create space for new contemporary pictures, the Rom artist / Romni artist with her story, part of the Same, but yet another – same same but different. RJSaK always intervenes on the level of the institutions, be it the media, the Federal Office of Culture (BAK), the history of art, the White Cube, the culture of public space or the language. These defining framework conditions are included in the concept of each performance and are serenely transformed.

The title of the publication points to the long journey of the Roma from India to Europe and their widespread presence in the European area and beyond. Her language is Romanes. Duniya is Sanskrit-derived from the word World and Kupini stands for Network. Together, the words point to the world-rooted existence of the Roma minority and to their status as world citizens. However, Kupini means also the dynamic Network we are talking about with friends and institutions throughout Europe, as illustrated in this book.

The publication is designed as a map of our activities, as an atlas of discourse and geography of the Roma Jam Session art Kollektiv. We work in various formats with conceptual, performative, graphical, interventionist, media and installation means. It is a first combination of the versatile, transdisciplinary work of the collective, which is presented with the artist’s book to a wider public.

Our projects are reedited for the book format; the graphic design of the publication will be from the logic of the content to the independent project and a documentation of the most important projects will include photographs of the events as well as texts, records, designs and models that have been created for this. There will also be other forms of a narrative and stories as well as important aesthetic and theoretical references which are of particular importance for the development of ideas for the collective. In addition there are a number of texts written by art theorists and curators with whom we are in exchange, especially for the book.

The graphic solutions for the book are found by dealing with the content. As a non-linear processing of our knowledge, the book project will open up a dynamic space of thought and action, which will be graphically structured with the expertise of a graphic designer. Our research has not yet been completed for the appropriate publisher and distribution.



    27th May 2016 between 7 and 8 p.m. ESTETIKA WALK
    Performance by RJSaK and Friends
    in context of the launching event of The Air Will Not Deny You – Zürich im Zeichen einer anderen Globalität at Johann Jacobs Museum:
    Adresse: Johann Jacobs Museum / Seefeldquai 17 / 8034 Zürich


    Sunday the 6th of September 2015 5p.m. Special act with the “Roma Jam Session art Kollektiv” in the exhibition «Europe. the future of history»


    Friday 7th of August 2015 6 p.m. Horse Racecourse Schachen Aarau (near Reithalle). We are part of the summer college 2015 of the adult education center (VHS) Aarau. This will be an open-air event and performed in any weather condition. The performance will be closed by an Apéro.