Be part of a Liquid Social Sculpture
Detox Dance. Public Performance. Daily Training from the 14 til 18th of June 2016 Time: 5pm – 6:30 pm. Coner Duttweiler-Pfingstweid in Zurich 5 (opposite ZHdK) in Kontext of Sonate to curate as Parallel Event of Manifest 11.

Detox Dance training is dedicated to the development and study of a liquid perception of the self in mixed groups as a model for contemporary societies. The collective has developed a personal choreography nourished by Roma traditional dance movements as well as martial arts elements. In collaboration with the choreographer Esther-Maria Häusler (Zurich) we were creating an easy-to-learn square dance out of the found material. The sound line was found in collaboration with Ed Repair. Detox Dance Premiere was held the 25th of June 2016 at 5pm in the space of the Parallel Event “Donate To Create” of Manifesta 11. It was a very stormy and rainy moment of the day. We had many participants and a great gathering after the public performance.

Detox Dance popped up in an other part of the city later on, for Exempel at Helvetiaplatz the 14th of July at 7pm. We manifested our presences as liquid identities in a public space without official permission.
The symposium OPEN THEORY LECTURES was held in Shedhalle Zürich. In this institutional space Detox Dance was performed within an art – theoretical discourse questionning the presence of Romani Art inside and outside of institutions. Lecturers and the local audience were participating.

At the panel WORK, MIGRATION, MEMES, PERSONAL GEOPOLITICS the 8th of September at Toni-Areal we were invited by CAS/MAS in Curating. Audience and lecturers were participating in the late nights public dance performance. The event had been organised in cooperation with Manifesta 11 / Parallel Events and

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