CHROMA 2018 – 2020

Chroma, χρῶμα is an older word and in Greek antiquity meant color, i.e. especially skin color, as well as make-up, tone color or nuance of character. The collective thus emphasizes not so much the individual, but rather spectrum and diversity. Recurrently, it is a matter of “seeing the bigger picture”, of releasing the head, which is engrossed in differences, of looking up, whereby the color tones and sound images, the strategies and nuances blend into a fabric in which the opacities of the barely visible become a strength. This is the movement of a butterfly jumping from its leaf, standing in the air or even pendulously observing the whole, of which it cannot see everything at once. (excerpt of the text CHROMA by Michael Felix Grieder, in Morphing The Roma Label, RJSaK publication launched previously end of 2020).

CHROMA We Pass The Mic To Europe in the exhibition FutuRoma at the Roma Pavilion, 58. Biennale di Venezia, 2019 curated by ERIAC

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