Mo Diener


Mo Diener is a performance and video artist and choreographer,  researcher and writer. She studied Art, Ethnography, Anthropology and Comparative Religions in Zurich University and Geneva. Since 2014 she holds an MA in Fine Arts from ZHdK and ESAV. Her artistic practices are located in the transdisciplinary and conceptual field of Eco-feminist and Materialist theory. In 2009/10 she started researching her maternal ancestors line (Roma) as part of her artistic research project “Science, Fiction & Politics” at Bern University HKB. She was 2011 invited to the Master’s program of ZHdK to continue her research. In this context Mo Diener cofounded the Roma Jam Session art Kollektiv (RJSaK) 2013, together with RR Marki and Milena Petrovic. She was designated artistic director of the collective and is founding member of the connected association. Mo Diener introduced her understanding of public performance practice to RJSaK opening up new possibilities of intersectional collaborations. During the pandemic she was writing and editing the publication Morphing The Roma Label together with RR Marki. 

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