Detox Bodies and Institutions, Interventions since 2016

ONLINE Detox Dance Workshop, hosted by the 9th Edition of the Bucharest Biennale 2020.
The Intervention was Performer with online – public during the conference
Contemporary Art Biennals – Our Hegemonic Machines, curated and organised by Dorothee Richter and Ronald Kolb from

The poisoned climate is a relational metaphor and therefore such reactions are to be understood more figuratively. For example, it is not at all certain whether remaining in the here and now might not have certain advantages over the reflexive joint; if, in addition, the relational space did not consist of four walls and a door, but rather of any quarter or city, there would be impressive angles and levels within. Add to this the fact that the social climate and its poisoning do not form a necessary unity, for what is to give way is of course the metaphorical poison. Now it becomes more difficult to find this out for sure: Maybe there is a hunch, but to get clarity, you have to change your perspective. And there are two ways to do this: to wait until the situation itself starts to move, or, and this is hardly me-taphorical, to actually start moving. In either case, detoxification begins with movement. And if the contamination is a social one, ideally movement will also be a common one. (excerpt by Michael F. Grieder in Morphing The Roma Label, 2022)

Detox Dance Workshop online hosted by 9th edition of the Bucharest Biennale in 2020 during the conference “Contemporary Art Biennials – our hegemonic machines”
Detox Dance Workshop, en el Taller de Matadero, Madrid, curated by Francisco Godoy Vega, October 2017
Detox Dance Workshop, at De-Colonize Art Institutions Symposium, curated by oncurating at Kunstmuseum Basel, June 2017

Detox Dance is a Public performance, shared with an internste public. It is danced in Square Dance manner. Lead dancers help the participants to follow the dance. All dancing patterns have been inspired by daily movements, elements of relaxation and fragments of traditional Roma Dances, known by the collective. Every participant is welcome as part of a ephemeral liquid social sculpture. By moving together and sharing a common space we gather for a common world making into a joyful future.

Detox Dance at the Campain for Swiss Roma Rights and Recognition.
RJSaK & GfbV Society of Threatened People, Waisenhausplatz, Berne 2017
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Detox Dance Premiere, at Donate To Curate curated by Stefan Wagner