Drive In – Drop Out 2015

This performative intervention Took place with a car and friends at Stadtgalerie at PROGR Court, Berne at 2pm. the 28th of March 2015. It was a collaboration of Roma Jam Session art Kollektiv and G L A M, an analytical tool for art and research as para – institutional practice. The performance for the collective was characterized by diverse fragments of body workout, relaxation practices and sports. The choreography was performed masked and with background music demonstrativ an act of self-empowerment by declaring the court yard as a temporäre common ground for a multiplicity of artistic and political fields. The car carried the G L A M definitions: from Gallery to Geography, from Library to Liberty, from Archive to Activism, from Museum to Multiplicity. The performance claims multiplicity instead of monotony on professional and political fields. It was part of the exhibition project ArtArchiveArt, where Mo Diener was invited. She invited the collective and friends to claim a common ground.


Intervention and discussion with the collective and invited guests: art historian Stefan Wagner, sociologist and activist Heinz Nigg and Angela Mattli, member of the NGO Gesellschaft für bedrohte Völker were discussing the following question:

What do the damned of the world do in the discursive space of art – what is their presence if not a permanent revolt against the western canon of art language and perception?

19th of December 2014, Zurich in Corner College.

RR Marki


RR Marki was a Roma activist, graphic designer, radio maker and performance artist. 1979 he was working at Radio Bran and 1980 he started his studies at the Technical university in Skopje. RR Marki emigrated 1985 to Switzerland, were he started in the 1990ties to work as an artist. He studied graphic design at the School of Media and Design F + F in Zurich. He worked in Radio Lora Romanes, an independent Roma program of Radio Lora in Zurich. Since the Millenium he exhibited in diverse galleries and offspaces in Switzerland. RR Marki was a foundation and board member of RJSaK. RR Marki was co-editing the art publication Morphing the Roma Label with Mo Diener. RR Marki has passed the 3rd of December 2022.

R. I. P. RR Marki.

Milena Petrovic


Milena Petrovic was born in Jalovic, Serbia and grown up in Vienna, Austria. She is an Austrian citizen. Since 1989 Milena Petrovic lives in Switzerland were she studied acting at the Vera Foster School in Zurich. She has worked on diverse projects for film and theater, among others in Schauspielhaus Zurich and Maxim Theater Zurich. She collaborated with film director Reto Gmür, Peter Palitsch and the stage director of Maxim Theater Jasmine Hoch. From 2010 till 2014 she was an active member of the Maxim Theater Company. With their sociocritical pieces the theater was touring on the Swiss German stages. Milena Petrovic was playing in the well received pieces Kreis Fear, Schweizerpass Superstar, KissKill KillKiss and Spielt Gott Fussball? She is a founding member of Roma Jam Session art Kollektiv and a Romani activist. She speaks German, Romanes, Serbian and English.