Mo Diener (EN)


Mo Diener’s artistic practise is placed in the transdisciplinary conceptual field of critical art and theory. Her body of work appears as medial and performative interventions, spacial installations, video projects and actitivist performances. Mo’s interest focuses on blind spots in contemporary societies. With her transdisciplinary artistic practise she elaborates her body of work as parts of a “history in the present”. Her work is based on long years of research in civil, forensic and historical archives – and on encounters with members of the bigest transnational minority living in Europe – the Roma – and with the Yenish people in Switzerland. Mo was initiating 2013 the Roma Jam Session art Kollektiv (RJSaK) on the occasion of Olga Stefan’s event “guess who’s coming to dinner”. Mo Diener is the artistic director of the collective.

what is the color of your car

the longest day – 12 hours of permanent performance, Zeughaushof, Zurich / 21st of june 2014
Mo Diener, RR Marki, Eva Merkling-Mihok, Milena Petrovic / Esther – Maria Haeusler (dramaturgy)

The performance is a conversation on stage engaging language, text, media, music, corporal gestures, and a car. Desire and rejection is the dynamic that moves the conversation forward, exposing processes of discrimination. The vehicle parked at center stage is alternately container, membrane, screen, mental medium and dazzling reflection of its users. The performance merges aesthetic strategies from propaganda, the musical and activism into a hybrid form. At the heart of the performance is an extract of a conversation from the film “Privileges” by Yvonne Rainer. The film was released in 1990, just in time for the end of the Cold War. It contains a dialogue which links racism to the economic interests of the West and uses the analysis of colonialism to refute the fear of the other. The dark and dirty, and the imagination that it sprouts, are exposed as the means to preserve ones privileges. Yvonne Rainer revisited.

Maxim Theater, Hohlstrasse 100, november 2014, Zurich